Invisalign Orthodontist Attleboro, North Attleboro, North Easton MA


Joan O.“I love my teeth”

With grateful appreciation, I thank you for all your hard and wonderful work. You did a fine job, also please thank your staff. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Joan O.

Hugs, Marilyn M.Dear Dr. D’Occhio and Staff,

There are no words to express my extreme gratitude to you and the staff for all that you did for my son, Ken.

It was so gracious of you to take him, as an emergency patient, and render such expedient and excellent care.

Hugs, Marilyn M.

Sincerely, Jennifer R.I love my new teeth!

Dear Dr. D’Occhio and wonderful staff,

Thank you so much for the many months of effort, and hours and special treatment. All your perfect work is perfect!

Enjoy this small token of my appreciation.

Sincerely, Jennifer R.

Sincerely, Lillian R. Dr. D’Occhio,

Thank you for respecting my wishes before and during the extraction. Absolutely no pain post procedure! Greatly appreciated.

I will highly recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again!

Sincerely, Lillian R.

Sincerely, B and BThank you all for taking care of Beth, and me too!

Sincerely, B and B

With gratitude, Barb P.Dear Dr. D’Occhio and competent staff,

As always you all have been a pleasure to be associated with. And at all times you are all competent, friendly and like family to us.

Thanks for all your kindness and respect.

With gratitude, Barb P.

Ann C.Dear Dr D., Jane, Paula, Marsha, Kathy, and of course MaryAnn,

Thank you so much for your care and well wishes. I don’t think that they would have allowed the operation to go forward with the temporary crown. So thanks to you for making this happen. When I had chemo and could do little I created a set of cards. This is one of them. I had been investigating the mathematics behind Pollock’s flinging of paints. Stay well and enjoy our wonderful weather!

Ann C.

Best Regards, Corine D.Dear Dr. D’Occhio & Staff,

Thank you for your participation in our extern program. Thank you for being such an integral part, and for helping us make this program a success!

As always we look forward to continuing our working relationship!

Best Regards, Corine D.

All Best, Bill R.Dear Dr. D’Occhio,

Just a note here, to say that you’re not only one fine dentist, but one of the nicest fellows I have met in some time.

Thanks for taking care of my "chipped crown" the other day – and Happy 2013 to you.

All Best, Bill R.